Minimalist Living: What Minimalism Means To Me

For those of you following me from the start of my journey, you’ll know I consider myself a minimalist.

I’ve had tons of questions on what does that really entail, being a minimalist, have I had to form drastic changes to my life? So, I wanted to share with you what minimalism means to me.

When I started my minimalism journey, I didn’t even really know that’s what it had been. I just knew that I needed to form changes in my life which it might need to start with my surroundings and my mindset.

Since then, I regularly declutter my home of things that don’t add value to my life, i am keen on organising things in trays and storage boxes to form everything look cleaner and tidier (yes, you’ll still have storage helpers when you’re a minimalist!), and I’ve drastically reduced the quantity of cash I spend, leading to a saving of $10,000 in my first year of minimalism!

What is Minimalism

Well that’s just the question isn’t it? But there’s no set definition of what minimalism should be.

And same are often said for the minimalism we are talking about today. Minimalism within our homes, our minds, our everyday lives.

But one’s definition of ‘extreme’ maybe completely different to a different, Minimalism can mean various things to different people.

For example, I wont to have over 100 pairs of shoes and have paired right right down to just 15 (not that i want to elucidate but I travel tons so my footwear comprises of flip flops to trainers to hiking boots to snow boots and in fact a pair of heels or two!).

To me, at that point, this was extreme. To travel from over 100 pairs of shoes to only 15. Sounds extreme right?

But for others, 15 pairs of shoes still sounds way an excessive amount of and that they prefer an easier two or three pairs.

The point is, both are seen as minimalist. Both have abandoning of excess items that are rarely used and don’t add value to their lives.

What Minimalism Isn’t

Minimalism doesn’t mean living off-grid during a cabin within the woods. It doesn’t mean that each one your worldly belongings must fit into only one backpack that you simply must be ready to carry by yourself.

Minimalism doesn’t mean that you simply can’t own anything that isn’t a necessity, like a car or a TV, or that you simply can’t take vacations or spend money.

It doesn’t mean throwing everything away. Simply because an item isn’t necessarily essential, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bring value to you or your home. It doesn’t mean that you simply don’t like it.

Minimalism doesn’t mean that you simply can’t own 10, 100 or 1000 pairs of shoes!

Minimalism isn’t only for those with zero debt or those that can ‘afford to be a minimalist’.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful things in your home, albeit this stuff don’t have a big purpose.

Minimalism also isn’t about having white walls, little or no furniture and living during a space that appears cold and uninviting.

However, minimalism are often any of the above things! It are often whatever you create of it, whatever your style is, and whatever you desire it to be.

What Minimalism Means to Me

There were many reasons I made the choice to undertake minimalism. I had listened to podcasts by The Minimalists and skim The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker, also as binge watched Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix, and this is often what I learned:

Minimalism was likely to scale back my stress levels, add happiness to my life, allow me to be more creative, provide me with more freedom and provides me a clearer idea of my goals in life.

This is what I wanted my life to seem like. this is often what minimalism would mean to me.

Reduced Stress Levels

Every item in my home creates employment. Kitchen wear has got to be cleaned. Plants need to be watered. Clothes need to be washed and ironed. Ornaments need to be dusted. Furniture has got to be moved so as to wash around it.

So it made sense that by eliminating the items I didn’t love, it might leave less jobs on behalf of me to try to to round the house, right? Right!

So, the less time I now spend having to scrub dishes and garments, dusting, tidying, ironing within the night time after my actual job, the longer I had for the important stuff. Like exercise. Hanging out with family and friends. My stress levels reduced.

Added Happiness

As I discussed previously, having longer to spend on the items that are important has greatly improved my overall happiness!

It’s hard to ascertain how having less things can cause you to happy, especially if this is often the way you were mentioned. But spending less time on things that don’t really matter and longer on things like your friends & family, your hobbies, your goals and your future, is all around a far better thanks to live.

Minimalism helps you understand what really matters and it enables you to be more present within the moment. Rather than wishing that you simply had time to try to the items that cause you to happy or believe how awesome it might be if only I could continue vacation or buy some new clothes, you’re ready to appreciate what you have already got ahead of your eyes.

More Creative

I find when my space is cluttered and messy, so is my mind. When my house is calm, my mind is in a position to open up and obtain more creative.

Minimalism has helped me to be more creative at work, and that i desire my mind features a lot more room to be creative now.

And it’s really helped me with the way that I display things in my home, also as my sort of dressing and decorating.

I’ve even started playing my guitar again, since I now have the time to try to to so!

Freedom From Consumerism And Debt

Since beginning with minimalism, I find I’m not in the least trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ anymore. While I’d like to say I never really did, there have been always some ways during which I used to be.

I always wanted to possess a more moderen phone, if I had an event arising I’d desire I’d need to buy something new so I’d slot in with the gang.

Now that I’m living a less materialistic life and spending more on experiences, my bank balance has begun to rise! So rather than having debt or a bunch of possessions, I even have money within the bank.

Clearer Idea of Life Goals

I always thought that having a bunch of possessions, an enormous wardrobe filled with clothes and a gorgeous apartment would mean I’d have my dream life.

But now that I’m living with less, I can see more clearly how the goalposts move further faraway from you as your hectic life and cluttered house compile around you.

I’ve realised that working all the hours under the sun to form money to shop for things isn’t what life is about on behalf of me. And while I’m almost there with leaving my full time job yet, I’ve drastically hamper my hours and dealing towards my future goals.

Final Thoughts

Minimalism doesn’t need to be lived during a certain way or by a particular set of rules. You’ll prefer to accept as little as possible et al. may choose the entire opposite.

What minimalism means to me could also be something completely different to what it means to you. You’ve got your ideas of what you would like out of life and that i have mine.

If any of the above inspires you to offer minimalism a go otherwise you just want to seek out out a touch more, why not inspect my guide minimalism for beginners to urge you started.

And don’t worry an excessive amount of about labeling yourself as a minimalist or not. You don’t need to change your life overnight simply because you would possibly be reading this post immediately.

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